Joe Fry

Joe Fry was born into a musical family that goes back for generations. Joe performed in churches as a child and was surrounded by a family of musicians. Music became as natural as breathing air for Joe as he performed from the heart, and his love of music would shine through. 
Throughout his life, Joe has been a part of everything from garage bands, street musician, to solo coffee house performances; he has done it all. Joe has a enormous range of songs ready on demand. He is extremely well-rounded with over 350 song and has been part of many different genres. Joe has been a member of Rock bands, Blues bands, Folk bands, Gospel bands and is an excellent solo artist.
Joe has played everywhere from L.A. to the Florida Keys and then back to St. Louis, where today he is a well established soloist, performing acoustic versions of our favorite classics from the 50's, 60's, 70's 80's 90's and many popular newer hits as well.
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